CERAMIC FUSION designs by CreativeParadise make it possible to merge glass fusion with ceramics. The pieces are sculpted with cavities designed to hold glass pieces (frit).

To use the CERAMIC FUSION bisque with cone 06 ceramic glazes or underglaze, simply apply the glaze/underglaze of choice to the cone 04 bisque, allow the glaze to dry and fill the cavities to the top with frit. Fire the piece to cone 06. Transparent glass pieces will not be vibrant against a dark glaze/underglaze.  For this reason,It is necessary to avoid placing dark glazes/underglazes in the frit cavities if using transparent glass pieces. If a pale or light glaze/underlgaze is used, the glaze/underglaze can be applied inside the cavity without affecting the transparent glass color. The cone 06 firing will completely melt and spread the glass in the frit cavities as shown in figure 2.

To use the CERAMIC FUSION bisque with glass pieces in a glass kiln without ceramic glazes, fill the frit cavities with glass frit of choice (always best to use compatible COE frit) and fire the piece in a glass kiln using the following firing schedule:

250 Arrival Temp Degree F Hold
250 1000 5
250 1360 10
300 1675 20
9999 960 60
100 825 5

The hold time and temp in segment 3 is high and long to help break the surface tension of the glass and allow the glass to spread more in the cavity. If more texture is desired, this temp and hold should be adjusted downward.

After the piece has cooled in the kiln, remove the piece and apply a stain or other non fired color product to the bisque. Remove the color product from the glass using a q-tip or quality paper towel before the color product dries.

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